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The Poseidon's Glory


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Behold The Poseidon's Glory.

This ship with great detail that astonishes whoever looks at it, it has 6 cannons under the deck, an wide area to play, a Room for Captain and a superb rudder. The combination of dark brown, black and gold, makes it unique in the world and wanted by many.

The inclusion of new colors for pieces will make their gameplay value incredible. The ship is based on the God Poseidon, adding details that make reference. It does not have ship sails since the program I used does not allow it to me, the chains and flexible parts are not completely placed by limitations of the program, it is better to use the imagination.

The ship si massive, I think the biggest of all. This is not a Pirate ship, this is a ship based on Greek mythology, is this case Poseidon.

The ship can be separated into 3 different parts:

The the masts and the cover are one piece alosn the stairs, this alows access to the cannon area.

The cannons along the base and capitain's room is one piece.

The upper part of the capitain's room also can be removed to get access to it.

Hope you enjoi.

Thanks for your support.

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