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Subnautica: The Blood Kelp Zone


For those of you who don’t know, Subnautica is a popular underwater survival game in which you explore biomes, study alien sea creatures, collect resources, create futuristic technology, etc. This project is a LEGO depiction of one of the more recognizable biomes, the Blood Kelp Zone. It includes plantlife, creatures, and resources you would find while exploring this area in the game.



The only minifigure included in this set is the survivor of the Aurora (spaceship) crash whom you are playing as in the game. His accessories include: a dive helmet and mask, fins, a survival knife, laser cutter, oxygen tank, and the rebreather (see picture 5).


Prawn Suit:

The Prawn suit is the large mech featured in the main image. The top hatch opens up to allow the player to be placed inside. The arms and legs are all posable and the hand can be interchanges with various equipment such as the power drill, grappling hook, or standard claw.


Sea Creatures:

The alien creatures featured in this set are two blood crawler (spider-like animals) and an ampeel (electric eel). The blood crawlers have four movable legs and the ampeel’s head and tail can be rotated in addition to bendable body segments.



The “blood” kelp is located on the two platforms. The blood oil on the kelp is detachable. One of these platforms includes ghost weed and the other has deep shrooms. Rubies can be found inside the small cavern as well as quartz surrounding it (image 3). Alterra boxes are also present and can be put in various places.


If you like what you see and want to help this set get a chance at becoming reality, please support and share with any friends, family, or social media groups you think may enjoy this.


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