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Metal Slug Big Shiee and SV-001

I love Metal Slug! In fact, it was one my earliest submissions in Lego Ideas 7 years ago, and since then I have refined my skills to be able to build a smaller, but more recognizable version of my most favorite designs the SV-001 tank and the Big Shiee

I tried to make it as cute and adorable as I can (just like in the game)
Here are some of the highlights and close up views of the ship and tank:

The turrets all go up and down and the tracks work. It is also angled to look like the one in the game.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of metal slug merchandise available anymore, so I decided to build one (desktop size) and bring it to life what I just saw on screen in my childhood!
as well as its famous enemy, the amphibious vehicle of destruction "Big Shiee"! This set would be perfect to everyone who wants a small reminder of the Metal Slug franchise.

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