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Speed Champions: Plymouth Dealership

Plymouth had some really cool cars in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I decided to make a few. The result: a car dealership. I landed on doing a dealership because I wanted a legitimate excuse to put in more than two cars.

The project includes:

The Dealership
  • A showroom with sliding doors and rotating car display platforms
  • Some vending machines (who doesn't love snacks, right?)
  • A couple of desks for the salesmen
  • The manager's office (someone's got to be the boss)
  • And a maintenance bay with a bunch of tools and spare tires, as well as a fuel pump.

The Cars
  • 1968 GTX Convertible (yellow)
  • 1969 Belvedere Police Cruiser (black/white)
  • 1970 Roadrunner (orange)
  • 1970 Barracuda 440 (azure/black)
  • 1970 Superbird (cyan) *basically a Roadrunner with a huge spoiler and nosecone*

The Minifigures
  • Manager
  • Salesmen (2)
  • Mechanic
  • Customers (3)
  • Cops (2)

I think this would be a great LEGO set because there is a big need for more classic cars in the Speed Champions line, and there haven't been any LEGO car dealerships (that I can think of). This idea is completely original (excepting that which belongs to the IP).

I built this because I thought it would be fun. I love cars (especially those from about '67-'76 if you couldn't tell already), and I thought this would be a neat challenge to build some cool ones.

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