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Mini Birds Project


LEGO Mini Bird

A whole flock of minifigure sized birds with different species, different colors and all made from Lego.

Have you ever thought that you wanted to not only build buildings, cars, minifigures but also birds with lego? These birds are not only the right size for interaction with minifigures but are also completely notable because of the detail in them. 

Here is the LDD instructions link:   file:///Users/Adrian/Documents/LEGO%20Creations/Building%20Instructions/Building%20Instructions%20%5BBird%20Project%5D.html#


Number of bricks:        1106


*** Please do not use a model of any bird in my model in your own model if you are going to post that model in to this website (lego ideas) *** 

[Making a model of one of the birds in this model is totally ok with me if it is for personal models that you aren’t deciding to post on this website (lego ideas) or if are advertising my model] 


(For any more concerns please contact me either by righting a comment which I will get back as soon as possible)

 Please support and thank you for taking your time to look at my project

Set includes:

  • Bird species: (in alphabetical order) Albatross, Bald Eagle, Blackbird, Bluejay, Cardinal, Chicken, Duck, Great-Horned Owl, Ostrich, Parrot, Peacock, Penguin, Roadrunner, Rooster, Seagull, Stork, Swan, Toucan, Woodpecker
  • Minifigure Bird watcher with binoculars and camera
  • Background scenery/habitat for birds which includes different biomes, park bench, bird house, bird bath and fountain.

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