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Rathalos & Felyne (Monster Hunter Dairy)

The Rathalos is one of the most iconic monsters in the Monster Hunter series. However since the ip is banned, Monster Hunter Diary is the next best thing! It's a spinoff where you control Felynes (cat like creatures) to progress to the end of quests. It also features a Rathalos albeit a bit more cartoony looking.

This set comes with a brick built Felyne as well as a fully posable Rathalos build along with a stands to keep them supported.

My original build was much bigger and more feirce looking so, to make it more in-line with the Rathalos' Monster Hunter Diary design, I ended up shortening some of it's limbs and adding a bit more cartoony eyes.

Monster Hunter is one of the most popular Monster Hunting games out there so I believe this set could draw in a big audience!

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