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Dusty's Woodshop

Custom cabinets for your kitchen?  A new dining table?  Maybe just a unique gift for someone special?  Come visit Dusty for all your woodworking and cabinetry needs.

Dusty's Woodworking is located in a refurbished New England style barn with a traditional shop floor and a design & prototyping loft.  This design includes 10 brick built woodworking tools and a lot more.  The exterior features vertical planking with contrasting corner trim and a black steel roof appearance.  The interior has a fireplace, chimney, and wall lumber storage.  Of course no shop would be complete without a saw blade clock, radio, and some coffee.  The building hinges open to allow access to the interior.  Additionally, the second story wall rotates up and the main roof is easily removable to increase access and improve the play factor.

Overall design, including minifigures, hand tools, and loose "lumber", is 2626 parts. 
The shop floor includes:
- tablesaw with roller stand
- panel saw 
- jointer
- lathe
- drill press
- thickness planer on a cart
- miter saw
- router table
- bandsaw
- air compressor with hose
- workbench with vice
- clamp cart
- lumber cart
- floor cabinet storage, small wall mounted cubbies, and a drill caddy
As well as some of Dusty's current commissions.

The design loft has a drafting table with moveable arm, computer desk with printer, as well as a 3D printer working on Dusty's game-changing interlocking block prototype.

The perfect set for kids, adults, and the woodworker in your life.

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