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The Little House by the Lake

I built a house on the lake near a forest. In the house you can find a cozy kitchen. In the kitchen is an oven with a light brick installed. There is a bedroom on the top floor. A bridge can be found near the house, over which the residents of the house can get to the other bank. On the other bank you can see an old crooked tree. There is also a hiding place in which a treasure is hidden. There are many things to do, such as boating, making a campfire, staring at the stars, fishing, and much more. There is also a family with mom, dad, two children and a grandpa. I built the house because I like to put a lot of details in my models that make the model look lively. I am of the opinion that many people will like the house very much because of the details and the good overall package. Friedrich 13 years old.

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