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Extreme Dune Buggy

This dune buggy is the fastest in the world (I think), and with a rotating rear exhaust, tilted rear wheels, and front wheel suspension, it can take on the roughest of terrain. It is made up of 198 pieces, has a sizable cockpit with one chair, and has strong headlights, so it can drive day and night.

I originally built this model with my little brother's pieces but then I designed it on Studio. I used rubber bands for the front wheel suspension with real pieces, but I couldn't figure out if Studio had rubber bands, so I used shock absorbers instead. If anyone knows how to do rubber bands in Studio, or if there are even rubber bands, please let me know in the comments. Anyway, I constructed this model, and it turned out really good, so I decided to upload it to LEGO Ideas.

I think this would make a great LEGO set (maybe LEGO would add a minifigure to it) because my whole family thought it was great, and my little brothers especially loved it.

Thanks for checking out my model! Have a great day!

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