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Medieval Port


My project is a medieval style build of a port. I tried to achieve a Nordic feel with intricate woordwork. This building has been designed in a modular style, with removable ground sections and levels. On the first level is a treasure room (with a skeleton and a treasure chest), a bakery, and two market stalls, and the port. On the second level there is a seaside resturant, and a storage room. On the third level there is a fire pit and a winch to raise and lower cargo.

Includes: 2952 bricks, two goats, two boats, a cat, seven minifigures, two crabs, a horse, three seagulls, two tables, and four chairs.

Accessories: Four flour sacs, two loaves of bread, three pretzels, two pies, two croissants, a bucket, four torches, a sword, two shields (not including decoative elements), an ax, two spears, a fishing rod, two fish, a clam, two glasses, two mugs, two bottles, a ring, a goblet, a chunk of gold, a ship in bottle, a standard, two flags, and a tray.

Thaank you for any support that you give. It means a lot to me!

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