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The Uruk-Hai


This set is a depiction of the scene in The Lord Of The Rings, The Two Towers, when Ugluk captain of the Uruk-hai and his crew are taking Merry and Pippin to Isengard. Then the men of Rohan attack them, and Merry and Pippin slip away...

There are nine minifigures included, but Lego could probably reduce the number to five. The proposed minifigs are: Eomer, Merry, Pippin, Two Rohirrim, Two Uruk-Hai, Ugluk, and Grishnak. I am sorry if the accents are missing, I could not remember where they were supposed to go. There are also three horses, but again the number can easily be reduced. 

The set itself features a small section of the plains of Rohan, and these plains may be connected to some of my other ideas depicting Rohan, to make a larger section. Each tree is individual, and makes up Fangorn forest. There is a live oak, with stagnant moss on the far left. Behind it is a young pine sapling. In the middle is a tall Douglas fir, and behind, there is a mighty oak tree. To the right of that is a crabapple tree, with a few apples on its branches. On the far right is a pine tree.

I hope you enjoy, and please support, it is not hard! Thank you!:)

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