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Abandoned Mansion


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This 1833 brick set is a representation of mother natures' raw unforgiving strength.
It features an abandoned mansion losing a battle against nature in a most epic way.
The left side of the house is still intact, leaving a perfectly decorated living room, bedroom and attic
To explore. The right side on the other hand is completely trashed and overgrown.

Features : - a 3-story mansion, easy to split in 2 peaces
                 - fully furnished bedroom
                 - fully furnished living room with fireplace
                 - fully stocked attic
                 - lush and green wilderness around the mansion
                 - a very big tree, breaking through more than half of the mansion

I enjoyed this build a lot, since it combines two of my hobbies ( urban exploration and LEGO of course).
This would be a great set to build and own for people who share this interest and people who love green, it's fun for children to play in as well, because of the easy access.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!

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