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A Whole Life In The Diamond Waterfall (Winter Version)


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This is the house in the waterfall. There are two conference rooms behind this creation. There is a sofa and a bed in this work. The area around the waterfall is snow. There is a pine tree at the top of the waterfall. I don't think it's good quality, but I hope you like it. Stack up rock blocks like stairs. I do so because of my appearance. Both sides have the design. Gray blocks have white plates that are snow.

I wanted to make a Lego creation related to nature one day, so I made it. Then, I combined the house with the waterfall because I thought it would be good. The result is this waterfall.

I think this could be a great Lego set because I hope there is one set of Lego ideas related to nature. I know that there is only one set of Lego ideas related to nature. A house on a tree. I hope my work will be the second LEGO IDEAS set related to nature.

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