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LEGO City Modular Zoo

This LEGO City Modular Zoo sits snuggly within a 32 x 32 baseplate to fit perfectly into your LEGO City. However, unclip the surrounding fences and your Zoo can expand out into an infinite number of layouts and sizes.

Let your imagination and play run wild with the LEGO City Modular Zoo!

This one-stop shop for Zoo fans includes all the must-haves, with 13 separate exhibits and 25 species, outdoor / indoor habitats, aquarium, insectarium, vivarium and more.

All of which can be re-arranged to create your perfect Zoo scenarios!

Large Animal Habitats:

  • A family of friendly Penguins (with underwater viewing)
  • A hungry Crocodile
  • Petting Zoo for the kids (chickens and a pig sty)
  • One Happy Rhino
  • Traditional Aviary with every bird known to LEGO kind
  • Lion Family with Pride Rock outcrop
  • Giraffe House (he may have outgrown it)

Small Habitats:

  • Snake den with heating lamp
  • Bat Cave (the real one)
  • Spider and Scorpion Exhibit
  • Insect Display case
  • Bee Hive


  • Into the Deep (open Ocean tank)
  • Touch Splash Pool (crustaceans)

In addition to the animal displays, the set comes with four visitors, and two staff members to take care of the residents, a gift kiosk, and a statue of a certain natural historian.

If you would like to add the LEGO City Modular Zoo to your very own city, please do consider giving your support to this project.

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