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Jimny Off-Road Surf Adventure

A Surf Adventure!
This small set has been inspired by a true heritage, the 4x4 Suzuki Jimny, a nifty little off-roader which is celebrating 50 years in 2020.
My model is loosely based on my actual car which is a third generation soft-top.
However, 2019 saw the release of the fourth generation which has been highly praised in the automotive industry.
The Build.
The tricky part of the build was to house the four seats to fit the minifigures but I managed it!
(Pictured is a family of three.) I have included quite a lot of detail including the front and rear light clusters, the spare wheel, dashboard, opening doors and reclining front seats.
The set has great playability, it is strong and sturdy as like the real thing and has a nice surf vibe.
It would make a great set, especially with the Jimny now celebrating 50 years.
All relevant permissions from Lego and Suzuki have been obtained.
I hope you like my idea enough to gain your support. Thanks for looking! :)

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