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Star Wars - Display Stand for the Ceremony on Yavin 4

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I love Star Wars and I love Lego. - So I thought I should try to combine them.


This project is only about the display stand for the minifigs. (no figures included in the set)

This idea is especially for collectors of those awesome figures who are looking for a place to put them in so they can stand in all their glory.

And to make sure that the figures stand save i put plates with studs on their spots in addition to the flat tiles.


A scene I especially like in Star Wars is the ceremony on Yavin 4 when Luke Skywalker and Han Solo receive the medals. (Yes, Chewie should have gotten one, too.)

As Lego already made all the Minifigs needed for this scene there should be definitely a place where you can put them with style.   :-)

I guess many people thought that, too. So I am sure some of you may like this idea and the way it is built.


This set consists of nearly 200 parts.

It is 24 studs (plus the leaves) wide, 11 bricks (plus 1 plate) high and 13 studs (plus leaves) in depth.

This sums up to measures of about 20 centimeters x 11 centimeters x 11 centimeters (width x hight x depth).


I would really appreciate comments, tips and your support for this project.



Right now the only thing I am missing to realize the project is the Han Solo Celebration Minifig.

As soon as I have Han and can put all the parts together I will update this project with some real life photos.



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