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Search and Rescue Boat


Over the years, the LEGO company has made hundreds of boats. Some big, some small. But what if they sink? Or break? Maybe even burn? That's where the Search and Rescue boat comes in. Everyone can feel safe on the LEGO seas now they have fail-safe protection. Save the day with your very own Search and Rescue boat!

The boat is equipped for any situation!

Complete with a rescue chain to pull lone survivors from shipwrecks, the Navy boat has a lookout deck for spotting assorted scenes happening in the ocean! A platform on the top of the boat is placed in such a way that the Minifigure can see everything from it! if he needs to look closer, there's a modern telescope on the top! There are also a number of interactive parts on the ship, including an engine port!

Save the Minifigures!

Are your Minifigures in trouble? No problem! Any shipwreck (including the one featured in the set) can be easily saved by this boat. There's a chain with a hook on the end to drag a shipwreck in. From there, they can either get onto the wreck to personally save them or wrench them off with a chain suited for their claw-hands to grab onto!

This set would be good to put out in stores because of it's very few Minifigures (4 so that LEGO can still sell their Minifigure series), has lots of interactive parts and has complex design.



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