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City Drugstore/Quickie Mart

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This drugstore/quickie mart would be a part of LEGO City. You can see from the top picture that it has two street lights on the front wall and two windows each on the front and side walls. There are two doors, one in the front and one in the back (not pictured).

This is the store on the inside. there is a magazine rack (the heart rate clipboards are a placeholder for magazines), Freezer for cold treats, and a counter with milk, soda, and other beverages. Next to the freezer are rows of canned food, candy, and water bottles. The cashier's counter has a computer and stacks of gum. There are doors leading to the back where the cashier can go behind counter and restock beverages and gum, ring up customers, or go out through the back door.

Here is another view of the inside.

This is the freezer. It contains strawberry and chocolate ice cream popsicles and strawberry and Oreo ice cream sandwiches.

Thank you for viewing my project! Please leave comments and help me improve this LEGO drugstore.

These are some different color schemes. Not sure if any of them would work, though. Tell me what you think.

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