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Oriental Folk Painting for Fortune

What is it?
Once upon a time in Korea (the Joseon Dynasty), there was a custom of hanging pictures of Tigers, Magpies, and Pine trees on New Year's Day.

The tiger prevented evil spirits and misfortune, the magpie called for good news and precious guests, and the pine tree meant the New Year.

In this painting, the tiger is comically drawn, and the magpie is clever. There is a theory that it was satirized as a tiger usually was symbolized as noble and a magpie, symbolized the common people.
Openable body (tiger), movable head/mouse/tail (tiger) & magpie's body.

Why did you build it?
2021 is coming!

I designed the new year with the hope that everyone will be healthy, happy and free. 

Thank you all for watching and for any support, hope you all, the best :-)

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