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Undersea Kingdom

Greetings, LEGO friends!

I want to introduce you a LEGO set called "Undersea Kingdom" that will make everyone fascinated by the submarine world happy.
This building opens the gates to a mysterious underwater kingdom full of treasures and fascinating marine life.
In the underwater temple, a treasure chest is hidden in a chest guarded by various sea creatures, 
and another treasure is protected by octopuses inside an submarine cave.
Schools of fish swim gracefully among the coral, sharks and rays swim through openings in the rocks.
All guarded by the mysterious head of Poseidon carved into the rock.
Various canals and hiding places offer unexpected discoveries and possibilities for your LEGO adventures.

I made this diorama because I like the underwater world with its hidden treasures with gold and valuables
at the bottom of the sea and sunken ancient cities that are still waiting to be discovered, but also the sea with its incredible fauna and flora.

The diorama has dimensions of 60 x 40 x 40 cm and is built from approximately 2500 cubes.
It is possible to place it in an old empty aquarium, which you can recycle in this way.
Then you will have an aquarium full of life at home without taking any live fish from nature.
Or leave the diorama for free play. Then the temple and the front coral reef can be separated from the back scene. The mermaid can then enchant all treasure guardians with her singing.
You also have to lure the octopus out of hiding to get to the treasure.
But above all, don't make Poseidon angry!

I believe that adult builders will like the kit as a diorama to build and display and children as a kit to play in the underwater world.

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