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The Mystery Bookstore


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“Welcome to the Mystery Bookstore. We have all one-of-kinds and only unique book… just especially for you.” - The Ghost Girl.

What mystery behind this story? What secrets hidden inside this store? What with that big eyes little cat staring at?! You could played the solving clue detectives like those meddling kids, or having an adventure time finding a treasure at the haunted shop with a ghost, or just relax and reading a book after days’ work from the store. It's your story....A multi-use special little modular is a nice additional for any set in reasonable price.

(A demonstration model)

Building Construct Parts for:

  • The Bookstore
  • Checkout Line / Book Reading Area
  • Bookshelves and Secret Removable (or maybe Open/Close) Bookshelf
  • Secret Treasure Room 


Accessories come with:

  • Hot Chocolate Mug
  • Scooter with Helmets
  • Red Roses 
  • Mysterious Letter
  • Two Books – Ghost Stories / Mystery
  • Teddy Bear
  • Stare Eyes Little Cat 


Two Minifigures:

  • Ghost Girl (Note: Extra piece legs for ghost girl as a ghost or human form.
    It will be a transparent blue ghost leg.
  • Bookstore Girl


New Feature

Also include BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS in mirror / reverse.


  • Moon Roses or Lunar Flowers (in a flowerpots)

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