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The Red Phone

Hello, today I present to you my idea, a red phone as the title says.

I built this set because I think this style of phone is one of the best known, see the most famous, I really like these phones because we often see them in movies and series, it's really very cliché !

I think this set can work well because I did not use very difficult techniques that can be built by a child, a teenager or even more so by an adult.

it doesn't have as many pieces as you might think (462 pieces), so you can build it easily and very quickly without worrying or stopping for a moment to pose.
This phone is a decorative element to display in your living room or bedroom as you wish.

So I conclude that this will make a perfect Lego set.

     Thank you to the person who will take the time to read me and support me in my project.

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