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Solar Power Tower

The new renewable technologies allow us to be a more sustainable world that protects the ecosystems that is the logic of its construction, Solar Power Tower (SPW) is a work of contemporary art that refers to environmental projects, Chile has one of the most innovative photovoltaic projects Engineering projects in Latin America and the Caribbean Work that is located in the region of Antofagasta in the Atacama Desert. The solar complex occupies 1000 hectares and is the second highest building in Chile with 250 [m]. The solar complex can provide energy 24 hours a day, in a manageable and efficient way, combining photovoltaic and thermosolar energy that will reduce 870 thousand tons a year. SPW has 488 pieces being a very safe and entertaining construction. The central tower absorbs the solar radiation, causing the heating of a salt flow. The heliostats are in charge of concentrating the radiation by means of directed mirrors, placing the reflection on the top of the tower. Cold and hot salt storage tanks are located in the lower part of the structure, and finally, the turbine generates electrical energy through steam turbines. I am convinced that learning by playing is excellent and learning from renewables by playing is a very good initiative. 

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