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Frankfurt/Main Micro Skyline - Lego Architecture (Frankfurt am Main)


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Hello and welcome to my next Project/ Idea:

Frankfurt/Main Micro Skyline - Lego Architecture (Frankfurt am Main)

After releasing my Frankfurt Skyline I decided to build it again in a smaller size.
I used a lower count of parts and it is nearly half size.
But I rebuild all current builings (as in the bigger version)

Just for your Information:
Frankfurt/Main is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth-largest city in Germany.
It is a centre for commerce, culture, education and tourism.

The Micro Skyline would include:

"Henninger Turm" (German word for "Henninger Tower")
"Main Tower"
"Römer" (German word for "Roman")
"Messeturm" (German word for "Trade Fair Tower")
"Eiserner Steg" (German word for "Iron Bridge")
"Commerzbank Tower"
"Tower 185"
"Europaturm" (German word for "Tower of Europe")

For more Information please visit:

Right now I used approx 400 parts for the Skyline.
I think thats enough to keep the "pricelevel".

Again, it was a fun to create a "Lego Micro Architecture"
I think there will be more.
I really hope you like my creation of the Skyline.

Thank you so much for your support.

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