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Formula 1 Steering Wheel

This is an F1 steering wheel it includes 314 parts.
When I was small, I loved cars, especially Formula 1. And now, I have more information about them, so I decided to make a steering wheel out of LEGO.
For the screen and all the buttons, I used tiles and round plates. But the hardest part for me is the rubber grips because I tried to make it as round as the real steering wheel, but it just doesn't match the curves on the top. Next, we have some rotary switches which are made from Technic gears and axles and the switches are rotatable, just like the real ones. I came up with an idea that uses some round tiles with holes and round plates attached to them to make the Power Unit Tuning.
Upshift and downshift pedals are made with Technic lift arms as well as the clutch pedal. If it is built in real life, we can add a rubber band to the clutch pedal by a Technic pin.
The connector at the back of the steering wheel is made by connecting 2 wheels with some pins.
These are pretty much about this build, thanks for reading this description!

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