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Full House

“Waaaaaake Up, San Francisco!” Join in the fun with the Tanner family through hilarious misadventures and life lessons in the living room of their beloved San Francisco town home from the classic sitcom Full House! Journey back into the late 1980s with waves of detail as you explore the family's inviting, iconic living room. The door is always open for any fan excited to relive the marvelous days of Full House! 
“Have Mercy!” 
Enter through the classic double front doors into the Tanner’s living room, adorned with a seating area, big bay window, cozy alcove, and staircase leading to the balcony. The seating area includes a comfy couch, oversized chairs, and a classic 90s box TV to watch some “Ranger Rick!” Dance over to the bay window near the alcove (a.k.a. Joey’s man cave) to jam on the piano or practice a guitar solo!  
“You got it, dude!” 
Now, if you have the classic family home, you must have the classic family too! Accompanying your venture into nostalgia, is the clean freak himself, Danny Tanner, and his three daughters: D.J.; Stephanie; and little Michelle. Elvis-obsessed Jesse and stand-up comedian Joey are there to entertain you. D.J.’s best friend Kimmy, the lovable weirdo from next door, rounds out the Tanneritos. Wait! Don’t forget the family’s adorable Golden Retriever, Comet! 
“You’re in big trouble, mister!” 
Along with the minifigures of the set are awesome accessories and Easter eggs! Play along with Jesse on his guitar, clean the halls with Danny’s vacuum cleaner, or search for clues and mysteries with Stephanie's dear old friend, Mr. Bear. Scattered throughout the set are tons of details and nods to various episodes that will keep fans of the show returning for more! 
“Woah baby!” 
Full House holds a special place in my heart. I grew up watching reruns of the show while getting to experience the adventures and shenanigans alongside the Tanner family. I had a blast creating this set and hope you had fun traveling back into the past with me. Please consider supporting! 

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