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hello? This is Indian Man.
This time, I made a brick house once. This is the 3rd brick house I personally build. It is a simple two-story house. The small yard is full of flowers and ivy is adorning the house. Two trees next to the house are protecting the house well.
The reason I made this “Phil's Home” is the house of my dreams, and I want to live in a house like this in the future. It's a two-story house, not too big or too small. Isn't one of the reasons we live is to want to turn hope into reality? The joy of buying a house, thinking about how to decorate it, and filling it up one by one awaits us.
When you enter the house through the gate where flowers such as roses are welcoming you, you are greeted by famous paintings. The first floor consists of a living room, a work room and a kitchen. There is also a small door leading to the stairs and backyard. I plan to make a garden in the back of the house in the future. Upstairs is the bedroom and bathroom. There are tables and carpets for coffee or drinks by the window. The bathroom has a small toilet and a small bath. We made a lot of windows overall and made it possible to let in natural light from the roof side. A system that allows you to enjoy a starry night in your bedroom. The feature is that it is a slide type that can be put in and removed from the second floor.
Anyone can dream of owning their own house, and it may become a reality, but it may not be an easy reality. I hope that everyone can buy a good house and have a happy family. First of all, I want to build a house with Lego first, and then I want to nurture the dream of a house in the future while modifying it.

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