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the Beginning of the LEGO History


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The beginning of LEGO history

The history.
It is 1891 when Ole kirk Kristiansen was born in Filskov Denmark. In his teens he became an apprentice carpenter. In 1916 he moved to the town of Billund where he started his own business as a carpenter. One day in 1924 his children wanted to light the glue stove for warmth, only that went wrong, the house and the workshop burned down completely. In that same year he built a completely new house and a large workshop. In 1932 the company went bad and stopped making large wooden furniture. He started making smaller things like cabinets, picture frames, but he also made wooden toys. The first wooden toy Ole Kirk made was a wooden duck on wheels which laid the foundation for what would become LEGO. 

Ole Kirk's house.
In the house I have imitated three rooms the (office) (shop) and his (living room) the building contains 2944 parts.

  • The study is the place where Ole Kirk came up with his ideas. In the study there are construction drawings of the house and of the wooden toys like the duck and a bus. The room contains several details such as an old-fashioned phone on the wall and a typewriter on the desk and many more small details to discover.

  • In the store Ole Kirk sold his wooden toys like a number of iconic like the fire truck a blue car - truck - locomotive - plane and the wooden duck naturally. I also added an easter egg that refers to the Wooden Minifigure from 2019.

  • In the living room Ole Kirk can quietly drink a cup of tea while his grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen builds a LEGO rocket with the new prototype parts in the year 1958. There is also a seating area in the living room.

There is a handle in the middle of the roof to easily lift the roof and show the details below. It is possible to place the house between your modular buildings by placing two pins on the right and on the left back.

The Ford Model T.
Ole Kirk had one of the first pickup truck in the world the Ford Model T it was the first car to be made on an assembly line

I came up with this LEGO ideas project because the LEGO company will celebrate their 90th anniversary next year in 2022 and to celebrate I built this house so that more people can see the beginning of the history of LEGO and Ole kirk Kristiansen and his Family.

Thank you so much for supporting my project if you like this project share it with your friends if you have any question feel free to write a comment.