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Hobbit Barrel Escape


Hello! This is a project on the scene in the Hobbit where Bilbo and the Dwarves are in Barrels and are floating down the river, and where Bombur rolls up on the ledge, and plays "Bowling" with orcs. This scene is on a handmade base plate about 34 x 18 studs in length. With a typical black surround of a display scene.

This set will include Bilbo, Bombur, Dwalin, Balin, and Bofur, and two orcs (not shown), Legolas, with Bow and White Daggers, and 4 Barrels (Bilbo doesn't have a barrel in movies).

This set is completely out of Lego Pieces, and is roughly 500 pieces (rough estimation with water pieces).

Please comment on whatever interests you about this project, my bio, any suggestions to this project (will be glad to post updates as long as the build is still in one piece :) ). And please come to consensus on another build for me to make, I already have Amon Hen, Giant Hobbiton Party Display, Front Gate of Erebor, and Tom Bombadil's House.

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Thanks to everyone for supporting, following, commenting, and sharing! Please be watching out for my other projects! Brick On!

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