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Modular Building Home...


I have been working on this design for quite awhile now.

This design was inspired by the 10th Anniversary of the lego creator® I was deciding whether to build a workplace or a home and walla this came out! :)

I have also been inspired by OrientExpress26. They have been giving me really good feedback and comments which I have been using I used some of those comments and interpreted it into this design.


Information key information.


  • A total of 1354 pieces.
  • All floors are capable of being taken off of each other.
  • A total of 2 mini figures 
  • -Man Minifig is the owner of the house.
  • -Woman Minifig is a person who is walking by and owns a completely different home.
  • 3 storey Modular Building.
  • Modular buildings can be added on to this modular building on the side.


I hope you all enjoy this design and please be sure to support and follow. Also if you are able to share this design please share this design so we can get up to a higher Mark. I hope you all enjoy this and if you support and follow thank you very much.



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