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Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditurium Mini

  This is my Ripley’s Odditurium build. It isn’t based on a particular odditurium but more a representation of Ripley’s in general. Inside there are three main attractions, a two headed goat, a ufo and two skulls. There is an information board for each of the main attractions. In the ceiling space there are model dinosaurs, parrots and birds. Separate from the building is a model of the world’s smallest car which is a famous Ripley’s icon. A staff member minifigure is included with the R logo on their uniform. The outside of the building features signs, lights and rainbow wall panels near the floor. 

  I built this set because I am a big fan of Ripley’s and enjoy the books, cartoons and attractions. I believe this would make a great set because it is fun, colourful, unique and displays well. It has just 197 pieces and is built on a 16x16 plate so it would be quick to build and take up very little space. Ripley’s is a very popular brand and this set would be a great way to bring it to life in Lego form and tell stories of all things odd

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