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Modular Meridian Gate Monument

This build design is inspired by Meridian Gate in Imperial City Hue in Vietnam. The Meridian Gate was used by the sovereign as an observation point for troop movements and ceremonies. The gate is composed of a main, central section and two protruding wings, traditional towers marking the entrance of palaces, temples and tombs. It is divided into two levels: the stone and brick fortress-like base structure, and the more elaborate, palace-like upper level. The ground level has five entrances, of which the centre one was always reserved for the monarch's use only. The two, slightly smaller, side entrances were reserved for soldiers and horses. The two small arched entrances on the side were for the rest and commoners. The upper level consists the main hall, the emperor would watch troop movements and his subjects bringing homage. The pavilion's roof is decked in imperial yellow, glazed ceramic roof tiles. On the roof tiles are various animals and creatures to ward off evil. The main hall is flanked by two side pavilions, which were reserved for members of the court.

Main 3 gates in the middle is based on 32x32 base plate and can be detached from 2 side gates which are build on 16x32 base plate. I hope this would bring some fresh air and give a touch of oriental feeling for the modular series.

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