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70's Flying Car


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I can't believe I did it again, I've made another flying car!

This model has all the quirks and features you can imagine on a flying car.
Yet the whole model + stance is only 913 bricks.
Previous flying cars of mine had a factory built look to it, this one doesn't.
It seems like some mad professor built this with his bare hands in his secret workshop!

The car features:
  • A fully furnished cabin, easily accessed with the whole front part hinging open.
  • Iconic "pop-up" headlights.
  • 4 Separate jet engines.
  • LEGO Technic substructure for steering and tilting the engines.
  • Late 70s wedge styled sports-car body.
  • Martian (or alien) landscape with transparent support rods.

You still have to manually pop open the cabin or the headlights, but the engines is a whole other story.
If you turn the right sprocket on the rear of the car, the engines will tilt, so you can vertically take off.
While the left sprocket is used for steering the rear engines.

I really think this would be a great set for all exotic car and sci-fi lovers. The LEGO/LEGO Technic hybrid build would be a challenging one, but a great deal of fun!
When you complete this build you can either go play with it, or just marvel at it for hours!

I hope you all enjoyed this submission!

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