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Classic Superhero Set


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    Save the day in this Classic Superhero Set! Leap through the secret panel in the secret headquarters, and mysteriously burst out of the phone booth on the reversable side of the construction. Chase down the Supervillain on the reversable side, complete with a toppling street lamp function.Or, break into the vault as the Supervillain, and obtain powerfuls items, including Aladdin's Lamp, the Atomic Ray, and the Diamond Blade.

    This set was created to get a fresh, retrospective view on the "superhero genre," and to give people an oppurtunity to create their own superhero adventures (that's why the characters were left unamed). This model is both good for play and stop-motion moviemaking. It's for these reasons, and more, that this would make a great set to add to the LEGO inventory. The model itself is a basic foldable wall, one side represents the superhero headquarters (complete with a vault, a counter [containing a pizza, a desktop and a boombox], a chair, and a secret panel in the wall leading into a phone booth). The other side is a sidewalk view (which includes a dumpster, a trash can, a bus stop sign, a toppling street lamp function, and a telephone booth leading into the superhero HQ ).

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