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LOTR: Travel Up Mount Doom

I have always wanted a set inside the wasteland of Mordor, so I recreated a scene from Lord of The Rings: Return Of The King. If you have seen the movie or read the books, Sam and Frodo are heading up Mount Doom when Gollum stops them. This would be about $15-$20. Another reason I made this is because The Hobbit is coming out (looking foward to it).

This set would include Gollum, Frodo(with a new torso piece) with the ring, and Sam with a rock.

Here is a right angle of the mountain terrain for the set. In the top middle, there is a mini black doorway. I thought it would add a nice detail.

This is the back view where the mountain is cut off.

Give me some ideas of what I should add, take off, or change. It helps when I get feedback.

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