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Backyard Chicken Coup Picnic!

This set shows a father and a son having fried eggs in their backyard with the eggs from their chickens. The reason behind this build is that I wanted to create an easy to build, fun model that you can create using chickens! Many children love chickens and want to incorporate farm animals into their lego builds. I believe that this would make a great Lego set because if a parent does not want to spend too much money on a lego set for their child, they get to pick one that is simple and easy to build that their child will greatly enjoy! I would recommend this lego set for younger children because it does not involve a lot of skill to create, but still is an accomplishment for children of young ages. I notice that there are very few lego sets (not including Lego Duplo) that are fit for kids of young ages! I would like to include this as an option for young children that have grown out of Duplo, but cannot yet do many of the lego sets provided in the lego stores. 

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