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Star Wars Bespin Cloud Car


It's been such a long time since we got the original Lego Star Wars Bespin Cloud Car that I really wanted to submit my own design for a newer model.

I've seen some really cool models around the internet and here on Ideas, and I took inspiration from all of them, and finally I've come up with a model I'm really happy with!

It's a much sleeker design than the original model released by LEGO, and it's also very accessible to get into the inside of the model and you can fit a wide range of minifigures inside without having to worry too much about their height.

The side of the model opens out smoothly and for extra access you can also open up the top as well, and there is plenty of room inside of the vehicle to fit your minifigure and behind the seat is a place to store the pilot's pistol, and the mechanics wrench, or any other weapons/tools you want to fit inside.

I wanted to try and find space to fit a flick-fire missile launcher, or a spring-fire missile launcher, but I couldn't get it to fit without compromising the look of the Cloud Car and making it look awkward and clunky.

The set would come with 2 minifigures, the pilot to fly the vehicle, and the mechanic/gunner to help maintain and repair the Cloud Car.

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