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Let Us Play Together


Let us play together

Hello, today I want to show you my new modular house. It is a a really nice place for the children to spend the time with their friends. In germany it calls Kindergarten. I had the idea when I was playing with my children and of course with a lot of LEGO and I thought I will create a set for the LEGO city with some children-minifigures. And so I built this colorful house.

Outdoor you can see a sandpit with a excavator, some children play with a ball and a crocodile to balance or climb (that has built my son and I love it really).

The house can have one floor or as in the picture two floors. In the ground level you can see a table for the children and possibilities to play with toys (also a Tetris game in the cabinet).

In the second floor you can see the bathroom and a room where the children can sleep or play. The red beds can be stacked and so you can use this room also for playing.


If you like my project please share it with your friends and of course you can also support. Maybe you have also a look at my project the Bumper Cars or my other projects.


Thank you to everyone for the support and your comments! I hope you like and please share it with your friends! A special thank go to my children who always inspire me very much!     :) Anke


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