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Wasteland Ralley


~~Wasteland Rally
When I started the project I only had the idea to build a Race track called Wasteland Rally. It’s not my first Rally project, I build 4 others in different areas like for example Mountain Rally or Without Rally. This is my first Rally with 6 different Cars. First of all you have a Schoolbus, a limousine, a New York Taxi, a Sheriff Monster Truck, a Locomotive and a Beach Buggy.  On the pictures you can see that the racetrack is not so big but therefor I put a lot of details inside the Wasteland Restaurant. The Restaurant looks like an old diner. 44 Minifigures can sit inside the beautiful diner with many details. Like every people in real life minifigures must going to toilet. Therefore I put an extra room inside for a toilet for Women and one for Men. In addition you have a big kitchen with many details like a fridge or a long side board to make dinner. For a lot of guest I put a little cubby inside for fruits and meat. You can choose if you want to watch the race from inside or outside. For outside I build a lot of different Couches. They are located in a cubby beside the Restaurant.

11274 Stones

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