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Hello juys and girls, this is my project idea of Monsters Inc, the revised version.

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All right, so this project has 4 main components and 2 smaller ones.  Each one can be moved around and stuck together in any way you want them too, creating fun new stories everytime you play with it.  I think it should become a Lego Set because of its flexibility and playability features.

As of right now this project comes with 3 minifigures: Mike Wazowski, Sully, and Boo.

If we hit 100 supporters I will add Randall to the mix.  If we make it to 1000 I will add Roz.  If by any chance we make it to 5000 then I will add Celia :D

Now first up we have HarryHausans, the sushi restaurant that Mike treats Celia to at the start of the movie.  It is also the place where Boo wreaks havoc across Monstropolis by showing herself in public.  This small restaurant has the corner where Mike and Celia are talking and Sully peeks his head in the window to warn Mike of the child on the loose.  This place also comes with a teapot, extra table, and a plant.  Then on the outside I added the two chopsticks holding an eyeball as that is the restaurants signature feature.

Second we have Roz's office where it is filled with stacks of paperwork that she needs everyone to fill out, especially Wazowski ;)  Also a cool feature is that the cover for her window can slide up and down to recreate the scene of Mike getting his fingers slammed, or Roz is just having a bad day and doesn't want anyone confronting her (we all have those days) :)

Third we have the Scare Floor Door Contraption that turns doors into portals to the human world.  This one comes with some cool features as well.  Such as the let clamp can be pulled off the door for easy access to take the door out and replace it with a new one to keep the play going.  This place comes with a control panel, a removable scream canister, and the door contraption. 

Fourth we have the human world room, which happens to be Boo's. I gave her pink and white wallpaper with some pictures of her favorite monsters hanging on the walls (those are just drawings that I did on plain white tiles but I'm hoping to get custom tiles or stickers for them to hang on the wall.  This room comes with a bed, lamp, bedside table, regular table with two chairs, and an easel in the right corner.  

And lastly we have the two small panels that hold two doors each.  All of the doors fit in the door contraption for easy play.  Also you just have to have multiple doors for a Monsters Inc Lego Set or else what would be the point?

If you've read this far, thanks, and if you haven't hit the Support button make sure to click on it before you leave the page.  Also encouraging comments and comments that give some ideas for later updates are encouraged.

Thanks for reading and peace out :)

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