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Mountain Rescue Vehicle

This is a simple model of a four wheel drive sport utility vehicle adapted for use by a mountain rescue operative.

Inside the vehicle are tools to help the operative carry out a rescue or search mission. Tools included are an ice axe, snowshoes, torch, flaregun, backpack and stretcher. Additionally there is also a search and rescue dog that would sit in the rear of the vehicle.

The operative included with the vehicle is wearing the Naboo Pilots uniform, with the new type snow goggles.

The set comprises 168 bricks and is a very easy build and has been designed to fit in with current CITY themed sets.

Rear view with open tailgate showing tool stowage.

Side view

Forward view with operator and dog. Tools included are laid out in front of the vehicle and are left to right: Stretcher, backpack, snowshoes, torch, rope pulley, ice axe, flaregun.

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