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Costume Shop Delivery Van


Hi this is my idea for lego . It is called a costume shop Delivery Shop Van.  There are two parts to this set one is the delivery van and the other is the Costume Shop. This idea comes with a driver/ deliver of costumes, a cell phone, a van, a costume, a licence plate and holder, a radio atena and a batman hat to show that it is a delivery van for the costume shop. I made this set yesterday in my spare time because i am bored and have nothing else to do. I know that the next big holiday that is coming up is labor day in september and then  halloween in october. I have decided to try out this idea for the month of October.I have the picture up on the front of the page and one down bottom. To my knowledge Lego does not do anything for the other Holidays like halloween. To me this set would be hours of fun for all ages and it would let your imagination run wild!. It would go great for a holiday set and it was easy to build. I also made a costume shop to go with this set! I am hoping that you will like this idea and vote on it./Also tell your friends that you voted on Costume  Shop Delivery Van Thank you and have a great day!

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