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Posable Dog (Replaceable Expressions)


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Posable Dog
Calling all dog lovers! This is a dog with 6 points of articulation; it‘s legs can move back and forth, and it‘s head and tail are on ball and socket joints. It also has 8 tiles to replace the eyes and mouth to give it different expressions. Considering all this, there are hundreds of positions that this dog can pose on your shelf. Another great opportunity would be stop motion animation using this. It is a small idea, and would not be very expensive, considering it only has 205 pieces.

I was inspired by stop motion animation, and originally created this for that purpose. I considered also making backdrops too, but decided against it. 

Other Notes:
  • Be sure to check out my other idea, Modular Medieval Microworld
  • I may make accessories for it if this reaches 100. I‘ll probably put them in an update a week or so after this project reaches 100 (if it does).
  • Not all pieces are available in these colors. For example the ball and socket joints are not available in this color. 
  • The eye and mouth tiles were designed by me.

Thanks for your support,
Math Whiz

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