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Pizza Restaurant



It doesn't matter if it's classic cheese or pepperoni with anchovies, Luigi's Pizzeria has got the perfect slice for you! And if the sun's shining, there's no better place to share a pie than our roof-top patio. This pizza place is all about quick service, big flavour, and fun atmosphere.

The restaurant opens up to reveal the kitchen and downstairs eating area. All the pizzas are made in-house in an authentic brick (of course) oven. Upstairs, we've got more seating, a washroom, and a great view to enjoy with food and friends.

Everyone has their favourite pizza joint. The one with the best crust and the best toppings. The one where the guys behind the counter know your name. I made this set because every lego city needs a place where that familiar feeling is just a slice away!

Leg godt (play well) everyone!

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