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Portable Peg Game


This is a version of the classic peg game, plus it's portable! My version of this game comes with a drawer to keep the pegs in, and a spot to put the pegs not in use. This game comes with fifteen pegs; five red, five brown, and five gray. Don't know how to play? check out theses instructions.

  • SET UP. Place all but one peg on the game board
  • PLAYING THE GAME. You may jump one of your pegs over another peg. You may jump left, right, and diagonally. You may only jump over one peg at a time. After you jump over a peg, remove the peg that got jumped over from the board.
  • ENDING THE GAME. The games end when no pegs can jump over any other pegs.

                        If you end with four or more pegs - 10 points

                        If you end with three pegs left - 15 points

                        If you end with two pegs left - 30 points

                        If you end with one peg left - 50 points


                        Try to end with as many pegs as you can.

                        No peg may jump another peg of the same color.

                        You win when all of the pegs of one color have been jumped.

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