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The Joy of Reading


Reading is a wonderful thing that transports you to another dimension, where you meet new people, explore new worlds, and have a blast! To represent that, I have built a minifigure reading a book, and behind him, you can see the book's stories coming to life!

On the front right, there is a kraken (sea monster) attacking a ship. Behind that, there is a beanstalk leading up to the clouds with the giant (the regular minifigure) chasing jack (the microfigure) up it.

On the back to the left there is a rocket ship blasting off, and in front of that there is a treasure map with palm trees, a river, and a dotted red line leading to the x marks the spot!

This whole display has some bricks underneath it that would make it appear to be floating, to indicate the magical feeling of floating into whatever story you are reading about!

This build has 237 pieces plus the two minifigures.

This was an absolute blast to build, and I hope you enjoy it!

Any comments would be much appreciated!

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