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Game Room with Snack Bar


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Game Room with Snack Bar.

This, as you can see, is a Game room with a snack bar. If you didn't notice, than good for  you. Back to the subject.

The game room comes with air hockey, table tennis, billiard, checkers, chess, pinball, arcade machines, and a vending machine.

The snack bar has ketchup and mustard dispensers, a grill, a cabinet,(the cabinet has nachos and ice cream inside, A.K.A. 3 yellow 1x1 slanted plates, 2 brown studs, and 2 white studs)  a soda fountain, a soft serve ice cream machine, and two hamburgers. There are two counters to order from, one for people on the go who want to play the games while they're eating, and the other for people who want sit down while they're eating.

Also I know there are a lot of minifigures in this set, but If that's a problem, I'm sure LEGO could remove a bunch of them.

I made this project for a compitition between me and two other people, so after supporting my project, support theirs, which I will send a link to in the comments section.

                                                         THANK YOU!

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