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Sailing Yacht


I am sailing...

... on a sleek modern sailing yacht on a blue water cruise.

The model

The yacht on a stand makes a great display model for everyone who always wanted to own a yacht but considers the real ones too expensive (or cannot sail :-). However, this model is also designed to be "playable". You can take off the underwater section in one piece and the ship can land in your LEGO city harbour. Thus, you might end up with an argument between the older generation who wants to display it on the shelf and the younger generation who wants to play with it. Well, we know that discussion...

With spreaders, shrouts and forestay, the rigging is realistic and stable yet elegant. For the rudder, mainsheet and winches you probably need a crew of two people. If you have any great suggestions on other possible crew members, let me know!

The interior features a double berth, a small galley and a map table with lamp and binoculars. To play inside, just take off the cabin roof in one piece. 



  • Length hull: 25.9 cm
  • Length overall: 29.3 cm
  • Draft: 5.1 cm
  • Beam overall: 8.3 cm
  • Sail area: --- *
  • Height of mast above waterline: 38.1 cm

* You could attach a nice main sail and spinnaker or foresail and I hope the final model would include those. However, they would be non-Lego parts and cannot be submitted in a model here. So I uploaded a version without sails for review. Would also be great to have a collection of national flags with the final model to customize it to your home country!


Let me know what you think of it: click support and spread the word! Thanks so much!

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