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Lunar Exploration Rover (LER)


In the next years, the humans race is going back to the Moon thanks to NASA Artemis program. To explore the Moon, a long range and versatile vehicle is needed.

I know Lego released two great Mars rovers recently (sets 60225 and 31107). I love these two rovers but I thought a lunar rover have to be a little different: A versatile truck to transport many different cargos and also a mobile laboratory. I decide to made a complete original rover (different from the real NASA proposals) with several objectives:

  • A rover more “realistic”  than sets 60225 and 31107 but that can be playable.
  • A reduce number of pieces. A very complex rover require a lot of pieces and thus an expensive set. I know there are marvellous Lego ideas sets, but too expensive to be bought for me. I thought that may be, a “relative cheap” lego ideas set could be produced.
  • The rover must be built with bricks I have in my own collection (I build with real bricks first and later I made a digital version). That is the reason this rover is mainly white (I have the set Lego Architecture 21050 and plenty of whites bricks!)

I started with the cockpit, I think is the main part of the rover. I tried several options but I could ’t find any good and realistic shape. I found in my collection of bricks the windscreen of the old Darth Vader Tie fighter, and this windscreen made a perfect front for the cockpit! Simple but nice!

I tried to design a versatile rover,  it allow several cargo option. I shows an option with an energy module and a solar panel. To change the modules, at the rear of the rover there are a crane. Also a living module/mobile lab was included. There are the possibility to attach a small trailer to the rear of the vehicle. There are plenty of possibilities to be included in the future, as a bigger living module in a big trailer.

In the cockpit two robotic arm are located to manipulate object from inside the rover.

All suggestions to improve the rover are welcome!! Specially with the colour palette, this digital version is free of the colour limitations of my collection of bricks!

I hope you enjoy this design and support it!

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