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Exo Beast "Glacier Mane"


Exo Beast: It's the technology to revive reinforce the lost animals based on the life science, Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence. Exo Beast's lifetime is very long, and power is extremely strong, and behavior is highly intelligent. They are always gentle and wise so looks like a human best partner, for now ...

Glacier Mane: Revived the body using DNA taken from frozen samples of saber-toothed tiger, and is reinforced with cybernetics.


Model features: This work is a Hybrid Model of the System and Bionicle (Hero Factory). As you can enjoy a variety of poses, the main units of this model are connected by ball joint.

Movable Units: head, neck, shoulder / hip armors, spine, tail, all of the extremities

360-degree view: You can see below:

I hope you like it! Thank you!

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